Hello world!

I'm part of Neoito, where we develop 'lightning fast' Javascript apps and building solutions for enterprise and serverless platforms. Creating software is a craft. I was attracted to this craft because of how it melds together logical thinking, science, and art. I’m constantly learning about the architectures of different software systems and love to include the learnings to the products I am building.

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I got inspired by these people; Sreenath sasikumar, Faizmh and Suralal.

1by0 Community: A friendly community which we started Recently, for the programmer.

We are a passionate group of programmers/developers/hackers, who get together online/else where & build things. Besides that, we host meetups, hackathons and other events that'd require locomotion (now, there's a word you haven't heard since the 4th grade). The main goal here is to solve problems by building stuff, learn a thing or two & make some friends along the way.

Love ❤️

Wikipedia: Always the best tutor [The modern dictionary]

Mozilla: The best place to learn Javascript/HTML/CSS.


Macbook Pro😍


Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jrjayakrishnan/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/that_coder

Github: https://github.com/that-coder


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